Melis, the most advanced multisignature and multiuser wallet, adds Litecoin support

Melis, our high-end multi-account, multi-user, multi-device, multi-OS, user friendly and feature-rich wallet, for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, now supports Litecoin too.

Its richness of features make Melis the wallet able to satisfy any need, both of safety and utility, requested by the user. There are simple wallets for smartphones without security features or very secure desktop wallets for managing your savings that are quite unpractical to use. Melis offers the best of all worlds: simplicity and security for desktop and mobile, in the same application.

With Melis you can create as many single or multi user accounts as you want and can be configured on more than one device (desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.). You can create an account with maximum level of security (protected by server signature, with spending limits); there are already other wallets that can create multi-signature accounts very easily, but the key schemes are fixed and not configurable. With Melis you can create a multi-signature account between N people, where up to N signatures are required to sign a transaction, choosing if any of those should be mandatory.

Key features

  • Native support for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin
  • A single wallet is able to handle an unlimited number of accounts of different kinds, single signature, multi signature, and multi user
  • The most advanced multi user implementation available, where you can create an account for example with these characteristics:
  • 5 users, where 1 signature is mandatory and any 2 of the remaining 4 are needed to authorize a transaction
  • 2of2 signatures where one of the two signatures is handled by the server so that it can enforce spending policies like TFA and limit of expenses per period (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • multi user accounts (for example 3of5) with added, mandatory, server signature
  • The server coordinates real time messaging between users so that at any time you can know the status of an “ongoing” transaction and the list of cosigners that have already signed
  • TFA for enhanced security, available also via Telegram (very handy!)
  • The server is smart enough to detect if someone sends BTCs to a BCH address of yours and viceversa, and in that case creates on the fly a new account in order to be able to recover the (otherwise lost, or difficult to retrieve) funds
  • Multi device support with native builds for Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS and Android in addition to the web
  • A single backup using standard BIP39 mnemonics is valid and sufficient for an unlimited number of transactions, address and different account types
  • A special feature able to recognize the access to the wallet by a designated primary device that is the only one able to access secured accounts.
  • Accessing the wallet from every other device would be impossible to know that there are hidden accounts, with plausible deniability
  • Capability to create advanced transactions with multiple recipients, manual tuning of the fees and complete coin control
  • RBF support (Bitcoin only)
  • Untrusted server architecture where all the keys never leave the client and are in full control by the user
  • Completely open source client with rebuildable sources hosted on github:

We could argue that a single user account with server side signature, TFA and spending limits, secured to be used only by a specific account is one of the most advanced scheme available today to secure its stash (much more secure than a paper wallet).

Multiple accounts with different characteristics enable different use cases:

Here you can find a sample of the wizard used to build and avanced multiuser, multisignature account:

Melis is not perfect nor complete yet and it is very much work in progress but completely usable in its current form. We are trying our best to make it a very powerful tool for advanced users.

A testnet version is available if someone wants to play with all the features without fear of making mistakes:

You can check in details Melis potential by watching our tutorial videos on our Youtube channel:

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We look for feedback and constructive criticism! (of course in another thread if here it’s inappropriate, or privately)

Melis has a common goal with members of the community: build a free, trustless wallet for everyday (personal and professional) use and to securely keep the savings.

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