Why you should choose Melis wallet to store & spend your cryptocurrencies

5 min readJul 10, 2019


At the height of the 2017 crypto-rally, many people compared Bitcoin to gold and claimed that it could replace the yellow metal. In hindsight, such an idea now seems bizarre and ridiculous. The subsequent crypto-crash was a painful lesson on greed. In fact it has also been an important catalyst for the industry, by eliminating many fraudulent operations, unsustainable or simply not sufficiently competitive. Just like the DotCom bubble, which eventually erased the board for giants like Amazon to thrive and radically change the consumer landscape, crypto-crash has paved the way for new ideas with the potential to significantly change the way we do business and we interact.

New ideas born in the wake of the crash are not the only reason to be optimistic about the future of the cryptocurrency industry. The significant decline in investments is not necessarily harmful to this sector in the long run. First, excesses that have been facilitated by the exuberant investments and irrational evaluations during the 2017 rally are now a thing of the past. The projects that have survived and those that will be launched from this point forward will be more streamlined and user-friendly. Given that the naive speculators and investors (whose mantra was “get rich quick”) have largely abandoned the cryptocurrency arena, the focus has shifted to sustainable, functional and effective solutions that provide real value to their users and reliable profits to their investors. Therefore, from an investment point of view, the cryptocurrency sector is destined to offer many more opportunities and much healthier for those looking for reliable growth.

And it is here that Melis comes into play, whose wallet is maturing in harmony with the maturation of the crypto environment. The concept of national currencies, centrally controlled and manipulated by states, is antithetical to the Internet. Furthermore, fiat money is not at all functional in online transactions. So the rise of the so-called “money of the Internet”, with Bitcoin and a handful of other cryptocurrencies, will be consolidated by an offer of stability, usability, security and convenience, providing better and more efficient solutions.

We are an Italian team that developed one of the best and safest wallet for cryptocurrencies on the scene. Melis wallet is the Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Groestlcoin definitive wallet. With Melis you can get convenience, security and privacy all in one app. Our daily work is focused on maintaining this perspective: be the best with the least costs. This in turn helps us in developing a better infrastructure and helps the users by having a service full of options and minimum expenses. Our goal now is to reach a wider pool of users.

Why Melis wallet? Why our team? The following list of features will answer these questions:

  • Native support for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, BitcoinSV, BCHA and Groestlcoin
  • A single wallet is able to handle an unlimited number of accounts of different kinds, single signature, multi signature, and multi user
  • The most advanced multi user implementation available, where you can create an account for example with these characteristics: 5 users, where 1 signature is mandatory and any 2 of the remaining 4 are needed to authorize a transaction; 2of2 signatures where one of the two signatures is handled by the server so that it can enforce spending policies like TFA and limit of expenses per period (daily, weekly, monthly); multi user accounts (for example 3of5) with added, mandatory, server signature
  • The server coordinates real time messaging between users so that at any time you can know the status of an “ongoing” transaction and the list of cosigners that have already signed
  • TFA for enhanced security, available via Authentication app, Email and Telegram
  • The server is smart enough to detect if someone sends BTCs to a BCH address of yours and viceversa, and in that case creates on the fly a new account in order to be able to recover the (otherwise lost, or difficult to retrieve) funds
  • Multi device support with native builds for Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS and Android in addition to the web https://wallet.melis.io
  • A single backup using standard BIP39 mnemonics is valid and sufficient for an unlimited number of transactions, address and different account types
  • A special feature able to recognize the access to the wallet by a designated primary device that is the only one able to access secured accounts
  • Accessing the wallet from every other device would be impossible to know that there are hidden accounts, with plausible deniability
  • Capability to create advanced transactions with multiple recipients, manual tuning of the fees and complete coin control
  • RBF support (Bitcoin only): Transaction costs can be kept low with customizable fees; in times of high traffic, urgent transactions can be pushed through with replace-by-fee
  • Untrusted server architecture where all the keys never leave the client and are in full control by the user
  • Possibility to do “merge avoiding” by using the advanced transaction options
  • Completely open source client with rebuildable sources hosted on github: https://github.com/melis-wallet
  • Multilanguage: English, Italian
  • Balance viewable in various foreign currencies
  • Creation and scan of QR code
  • Storing and naming the contacts on the device
  • New creation of accounts

Then there is the new app: Melis Lite. Our team is moving in harmony with the cryptocurrency industry. Just as nobody asks how the payment process works in detail when using a credit card, in the same way Melis Lite makes the payment in cryptocurrency as simple as immediate. And it does so without compromising safety and convenience. Think of Melis Lite as a credit card, the way to facilitate transactions without having to set customization options when paying. A more functional way for the user to interact with others and save time. And we know that saving time means saving money.

Taking care of the aspects on the user side make Melis an excellence in the field of cryptocurrency storage, because it provides a tool to store funds for the long term and another tool to be used in more dynamic moments. Melis’ entrepreneurial vision is superior to that of other competing wallets, reinforcing and enhancing that aspect of the cryptocurrency world that many still underestimate: usability. This is the winning card on which the next evolution of the world of cryptocurrencies will be based and will bring success to those who will know how to seize it.

We are just starting to realize the changes, the level of innovation and the vast range of new opportunities that a completely decentralized financial system could bring us, operating as equals, eliminating obsolete intermediaries and destroying the state’s monopoly on money. Such a seismic shift would shake the current central structures and soon make them irrelevant. In the meantime it is necessary to keep an open mind and become familiar with these new technologies. Melis Lite is a true example of this familiarization.

It seems that the goal of this generation is what F.A. Hayek had in mind: “If we want to maintain a free society, we must take away the monetary monopoly to the state.” This process has already begun and can no longer be stopped, neither by decree nor by force.

Check out our “Documentation” section for more details about Melis’ features: https://www.melis.io/docs.html

Download Melis client here: https://www.melis.io/download.html




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